Is Collagen Important?

Is collagen important?

The answer is YES. Collagen makes up to 30 % of the total weight of proteins in the human body. 90 % of collagen is found in the eye and as much as 70% in our skin. Unfortunately the loss of collagen first shows up on our skin.  As early as at the age of25 the production of natural collagen lessens, while the process of reduction of producing the collagen is inevitable and affects both; women and men.

The lifestyles we’re leading have a huge impact of how we look and how long we will stay young. The kind of foods we’re eating and the amount of exercise are extremely important. If lettuce and tomato found in your fast food chicken sandwich and orange juice (often made from concentrate) are your only source for vegetables and fruits don’t expect to be healthy and look beautiful.  Same with exercise; getting to work, walking around the office and doing shopping isn’t enough.  You have to do more and take good care of collagen you still have.

What’s beautiful is being healthy. A dream body shape is just a side effect of a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

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